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Embrace the future of sustainable farming with ENVISION's Monitoring of Organic Farming Practices service. This innovative solution leverages state-of-the-art Earth Observation (EO) technology to accurately differentiate between organic and conventional farming practices, offering a new level of transparency and accountability in agriculture.


Key Feature

  • Ensure Compliance: Utilize advanced remote sensing technology to identify and monitor organic farming practices, ensuring compliance with organic standards.
  • Sustainable Farming Support: Support the growth of sustainable agriculture by providing reliable data that promotes organic farming practices, contributing to environmental conservation and food safety.
  • Enhanced Traceability: Improve the traceability of organic produce from farm to table, reinforcing consumer trust and supporting the integrity of organic labels.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Gain valuable insights, through a traffic light system, into the distribution and trends of organic farming practices, enabling better decision-making for farmers, certifiers, and policymakers.



  • Promote Organic Agriculture: Encourage and facilitate the adoption of organic farming practices by providing a reliable tool for distinguishing and validating organic methods.
  • Environmental Protection: Contribute to environmental sustainability by supporting farming practices that reduce chemical inputs, enhance biodiversity, and preserve natural resources.
  • Market Differentiation: Enable farmers and producers to differentiate their products in the market, gaining a competitive edge by showcasing their commitment to organic farming.
  • Policy and Compliance: Assist regulatory bodies and certification agencies in monitoring and enforcing organic farming standards, promoting fair practices and compliance in the industry.


Driving Innovation in Organic Agriculture

ENVISION's Monitoring of Organic Farming Practices service is a testament to our commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture and supporting the organic farming community. By providing precise and actionable data, we empower stakeholders across the agricultural value chain to make informed decisions, promote sustainability, and embrace the benefits of organic farming.


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