Cypriot Business Case

Business Customer: Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation (NPA)
Type of Organisation: Paying Agency (PA)
Business Case Description:
ENVISION revolutionizes agricultural monitoring by integrating Earth Observation (EO) technology to streamline the inspection of Cross Compliance, Direct Payments, and RDP’s AE-linked requirements. This advanced service enables continuous, systematic remote monitoring of diverse agricultural regulations, including the monitoring of Cross-Compliance/Conditionality, and Strategic Plans Interventions regarding climate-environmental-requirements.

Products utilized:

  • Analytics on Vegetation and Soil Index Time-series
    • Stubble burning identification on arable land,
    • Harvest events detection, Minimum soil cover for soil erosion,
    • Runoff risk assessment for the evaluation of water pollution in nitrate vulnerable areas
    • Minimum soil cover for soil erosion
  • Cultivated crop type maps
    • Confirmation of GSAA
    • Smart sampling for OTSC inspections
    • Crops diversification compliance

Discover how ENVISION's innovative Data Products are revolutionizing agricultural monitoring in Lithuania, bringing efficiency, environmental sustainability, and economic benefits to the forefront.



  • Minimum Soil Cover for Soil Erosion: With up to 88.9% accuracy, our service detects insufficient soil cover to combat erosion, crucial during critical cultivation periods. Advanced algorithms diligently monitor soil cover on sloped lands, preserving the integrity of our earth.
  • Runoff Risk Assessment: Our runoff risk assessment tool strategically evaluates the potential for water pollution from agricultural runoff, categorizing parcels into risk zones. This qualitative analysis is pivotal for environmental conservation efforts.
  • Stubble Burning Identification: Boasting over 90% accuracy for 2022 and 2023, our stubble burning identification service pinpoints burning events, a key step in ecological protection and sustainable land management.
  • Illegal Land Clearing Detection in Natura2000 Areas: Our dedicated algorithm efficiently detects unauthorized land clearing within Natura 2000 protected areas, underscoring our commitment to preserving natural habitats.
  • Cultivated Crop Type Maps (CCTM): Demonstrating an 80% accuracy rate, CCTM offers a comprehensive understanding of crop distribution, supporting data-driven agricultural policies and farm management practices.

Impact and Innovation with Data Products

  • Enhanced Inspection Precision: Through advanced Analytics on Vegetation and Soil Index Time-series, we've streamlined the inspection process, enhancing the objectivity and transparency essential for accurate monitoring. This innovation not only saves valuable time but also boosts farmers' incomes by ensuring more accurate declarations for direct payments.
  • Cultivated Crop Type Maps: This powerful tool provides detailed crop classifications, improving the reliability of agricultural inspections. By saving time and reducing paperwork, this product also directly contributes to environmental conservation efforts.

User Experience and Business Value

  • Both Analytics on Vegetation and Soil Index Time-series and Cultivated Crop Type Maps have shown remarkable potential in reducing environmental pollution and soil degradation, thanks in part to more efficient fertilizer usage.
  • Our products support crucial scientific research and foster a more efficient use of natural resources, notably paper, reflecting our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Performance, Usability, and Effectiveness

  • Analytics on Vegetation and Soil Index Time-series stands out for its effectiveness and user-friendly interface, making it a valuable tool for farmers and inspectors alike.
  • Cultivated Crop Type Maps excels in data delivery frequency, though it is set to improve in organic crop identification and pesticide monitoring. Users are optimistic that further refinements will tailor ENVISION's services to the unique requirements of smaller farms.

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