Lithuanian Business Case

Business Customer: National Paying Agencies (NPA) of Lithuania
Type of Organisation: Paying Agency (PA)
Business Case Description:
ENVISION revolutionizes agricultural monitoring by integrating Earth Observation (EO) technology to streamline the inspection of Cross Compliance, Direct Payments, and RDP’s AE-linked requirements. This advanced service enables continuous, systematic remote monitoring of diverse agricultural regulations, including "Agri-environment and climate," and "Natura 2000 and water framework directive payments."

Products utilized:

  • Analytics on Vegetation and Soil Index Time-series
    • Stubble burning identification on arable land,
    • Harvest events detection, Minimum soil cover for soil erosion,
    • Runoff risk assessment for the evaluation of water pollution in nitrate vulnerable areas
    • Minimum soil cover for soil erosion
  • Cultivated crop type maps
    • Confirmation of GSAA
    • Smart sampling for OTSC inspections
    • Crops diversification compliance
  • Grassland Mowing Events Detection
    • Grassland Activity Monitoring and Management

Discover how ENVISION's innovative Data Products are revolutionizing agricultural monitoring in Lithuania, bringing efficiency, environmental sustainability, and economic benefits to the forefront.



  • Minimum Soil Cover for Soil Erosion: With an 83% accuracy rate, our Sentinel-2 based analysis detects minimal soil cover, essential for preventing erosion. In a recent study, our technology successfully flagged fields at risk, promoting soil health and compliance with agricultural standards.
  • Runoff Risk Assessment: Our service evaluates the risk of water pollution from agricultural runoff, utilizing Lithuania's hydrographic network data and advanced erosion risk equations. The strategic monitoring provides region-specific assessments vital for preserving water quality.
  • Stubble Burning Identification: Our sophisticated photo-interpretation methods address the challenge of limited on-ground data, identifying true stubble burning events with enhanced accuracy, aiding in environmental protection efforts.
  • Harvest Event Detection: Experience unmatched precision in harvest monitoring. Our service boasts a high success rate in differentiating harvested from non-harvested fields, utilizing vegetation indices to guide timely agricultural operations.
  • Cultivated Crop Type Maps (CCTM): Leveraging a vast dataset, our CCTM offers near 90% accuracy in identifying crop types, improving year over year. This data empowers informed decisions for crop management and policy-making.
  • Grassland Mowing Event Detection: Achieving a 98% accuracy, our deep learning model detects mowing events, supporting both compliant and non-compliant scenarios. The technology ensures adherence to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) regulations through detailed NDVI time series analysis.

Impact and Innovation with Data Products

  • Enhanced Inspection Processes: ENVISION's Data Products streamline the inspection process, offering rapid, objective, and reliable data that reduces operational times and fosters eco-friendly farming awareness.
  • Environmental Benefits: By facilitating soil and land degradation mitigation, reducing environmental pollution, and cutting emissions, our solutions champion sustainable agriculture.
  • Economic Advantages: Remote monitoring capabilities not only reduce the need for on-site workforce but also aim to increase farmers' income by providing critical data that supports better decision-making and sustainable practices.


User Experience and Business Value

  • User-friendly Solutions: Farmers and inspectors in Lithuania have embraced our Data Products for their ease of use, effectiveness in reducing on-site inspections, and ability to integrate seamlessly into existing workflows.
  • Cost-Effective Monitoring: Recognized for their return on investment, our solutions offer cost-effective ways to ensure compliance with agricultural regulations and support decision-making.


Performance, Usability, and Effectiveness

  • Analytics on Vegetation and Soil Index Time-series: Praised for its vegetation status mapping and rapid data processing, the product is a testament to how technology can enhance agricultural inspections and environmental stewardship.
  • Cultivated crop type maps: Known for its data delivery accuracy, the product helps streamline monitoring processes, providing valuable insights for eco-friendly farming practices.
  • Grassland Mowing Events Detection: Accurate, fast, and user-friendly, the product exemplifies precision in monitoring, contributing to the reduction of administrative burdens and promoting sustainable land management.


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