Flemish Business Case

Business Customer: Landbouw en Visserij (LV)
Type of Organisation: Paying Agency (PA)
Business Case Description:
Discover how the Flemish Business Case is revolutionizing Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) Monitoring with ENVISION. By integrating advanced Earth Observation (EO) data with Machine Learning (ML) techniques, we're simplifying the SOC monitoring process at the parcel level, directly aligning with Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) requirements for croplands.

Products utilized:

  • Soil condition monitoring
    • Top-soil qualitative soil organic carbon estimations


Discover how ENVISION's innovative Data Products are revolutionizing agricultural monitoring in Lithuania, bringing efficiency, environmental sustainability, and economic benefits to the forefront.



  • Diverse Data Analysis: Our service utilizes Sentinel-2's spectral data across multiple days, linking it to sophisticated Organic Carbon prediction models.
  • Enhanced by Machine Learning: Incorporating additional parameters like soil type associations and time-specific observations, our Machine Learning models offer superior accuracy.
  • Optimized Data Strategy: With a strategic split between training and validation datasets, and robust cross-validation techniques, we ensure our models are reliable and not overfitted.
  • Automated and Fast: By adopting automated processes and cloud computing technologies, we've significantly reduced the time required for model generation and data product development.
  • Results You Can Trust: Most notably, the models using additional soil association data have shown marked improvements in accuracy, providing you with results you can depend on for crucial soil management decisions.

Impact and Innovation with Data Products

  • Insights into Soil Health: Gain valuable knowledge of carbon stocks within your soil, aiding in the preservation and enhancement of soil quality.
  • Supporting Informed Decisions: Our data encourages responsible farming choices that mitigate environmental pollution and land degradation.
  • Research and Development: Soil Condition Monitoring contributes to valuable scientific datasets, catalyzing research in sustainable agriculture.
  • Subtle Yet Significant Impact: While its effects on work time and administrative tasks are modest, DP4 inspires actions that foster soil vitality and reduce emissions.
  • Catalyst for Change: This tool serves as an incentive for farmers to invest in practices that promote the long-term health of their land.

User Experience and Business Value

  • User-Friendly and Effective: Users have embraced the SOC Monitoring tool for its accessibility and potential to improve agricultural decision-making.
  • Positive Reception: Appreciated for its alignment with EU CAP standards, DP4 is recognized as a valuable asset in the agricultural industry.
  • Forward-Looking: While there is anticipation for future enhancements, the product has garnered interest for its scalability and adaptability.

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