UK Audit Trail

Business Customer: LEAF
Type of Organisation: Environmental Assurance
Business Case Description:
ENVISION's collaboration with LEAF Marque signifies a groundbreaking step in agricultural monitoring, merging Earth Observation (EO) data and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to revolutionize Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) Monitoring at the parcel level. This integration is not just about technological advancement but a commitment to enhancing the reliability, transparency, and objectivity of environmental assurance in agriculture.


A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

  • Evolving Standards: The LEAF Marque system is evolving, integrating cutting-edge technologies to ensure that environmental monitoring is not only about compliance but also about contributing to a larger goal of ecological sustainability and resilience.
  • Empowering Farmers: By providing a clearer picture of soil health and environmental impact, we empower farmers to adopt practices that enhance soil vitality, reduce emissions, and ultimately lead to a more sustainable agricultural future.

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