ENVISION Add-On Development Tool: Empowering Innovation in Agricultural Data Analysis


Introduction to ENVISION Add-on Development Tool

The ENVISION Add-On Development Tool, developed within Swagger and Kaggle platforms, is designed to enhance agricultural data accessibility and analysis. It offers real-time access to comprehensive datasets including parcel geometries, crop classification results, and satellite-derived insights, fostering advanced agricultural research and applications.


Key Features

  • Interactive Access: Utilize Swagger's interactive interface to explore ENVISION's datasets and APIs in real-time, enhancing understanding and facilitating integration.
  • Comprehensive Data: Access a wide range of agricultural data, from mowing detection outcomes to NDVI metrics, supported by detailed descriptions and examples.
  • Analytical Integration: Leverage Kaggle's platform for advanced analytics and machine learning, enabling deeper insights and predictive modeling in agriculture.


Collaborative Innovation

The tool supports collaborative development, inviting the community to contribute, customize, and enhance its functionalities, in line with open-source principles. ENVISION's commitment to capacity building is demonstrated through workshops and collaborations, aimed at maximizing the tool's utilization across various sectors.


Explore and Contribute

Join our community to contribute, collaborate, and drive forward the future of agricultural data analysis. Swagger and Kaggle.


Get involved

Discover how ENVISION is tailored to meet the specific needs, providing tailored solutions for sustainable agriculture monitoring.

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